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4 Tips for Enjoying Texas Lakes All Summer Even on a Busy Lake

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The weather is turning and all signs point to summer. It probably goes without saying but the excitement is real here around the shop. We may be proud deliverers of the gnarliest boats in East Texas, but we’re also passionate surfers. Having a good time is easy on an empty lake but it’s a little more complicated when the launch is full. We wanted to share some thoughts on how you can keep the lake safe as busy holiday weekends approach.

1. Have a spotter

The spotter might just be the most important person on the boat. Every Captain needs a good spotter whether someone is behind the boat or you are just making your way to your favorite spot. If someone is behind the boat riding, they are priority one. The spotter’s next priority is keeping a good eye on the lake around them. Always assume other boats don’t see you until they prove otherwise. You may have the right of way but by assuming it’s the other boat’s first day out, you can help keep your people safe.

2. Know the lake

You get out early and the lake is glass. It’s completely flat and just ready for you to start ripping it up. This might seem obvious but it’s worth restating, beneath the glassy surface of that lake, the floor is always changing. The floor will have deeper points and shallow points. Knowing the lake’s topography helps be sure you don’t beach it and damage your boat and prop. Next time you’re out on a busy day and your buddy points out the empty cove, maybe don’t.

3. Have more than beer in the cooler

Look, we love a good time but we also want to have a good time all summer. Don’t let one day end your summer by having too much to drink. Texas Parks and Wildlife says that Boating While Intoxicated carries similar penalties to driving drunk including driver’s license suspension. For some the lines get blurred when they leave the road for the water but we want to remind you you’re still responsible.

4. Leave some room

The National Boat Owners Association recommends keeping at least 50 feet between you and other boats. Your rider might be obscured by the boat so leaving a window keeps them a little safer. It’s also just a courtesy to other boaters whether they’re fishing or enjoying a sunset cruise. We’re fortunate to have some massive lakes here in Texas, enjoy some space. If you’re traveling through a narrow or crowded section of the lake, take your speed down and decrease your wake.

The Wrap Up

We want to be on the lake with you. We want to look over between sessions and see you tearing it up all summer long. Whether we’re in the same boat or different, we’ve got to work together to keep our lakes a great place to be. Let’s take turns, leave space, and never forget to give the “boat wave.”

Happy riding from your number-one fans at Wake Authority.

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