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5 Tips For Preparing For Your First Boat Trip

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If you did not grow up around boats, it might be a little intimidating to prepare for your first time out. The good news, it is actually pretty simple to get prepped for a great day on the lake. At Wake Authority we want to deliver you the best in East Texas boats and the knowledge to build memories on the water. Without further delay, here are 5 tips to get you ready for your first day on the water. 

1. Do not Skip Boaters Safety

Instructors for boater safety courses are knowledgeable and passionate about living the good life on the water. At Boater Education the lessons you will learn about how to be a safe and responsible Captain are invaluable. Having a good mentor is smart in all aspects of life and boating is just way more fun when you know what you are doing. You will learn everything from pre-trip checklists to required safety equipment and operation laws and regulations. Find your local Texas boaters education course here. 

2.  Plan ahead for your day

Like packing your suitcase for a flight an hour before boarding, it is not fun to be rushed. It is a surefire way to forget something. There are certain things you can not do without, like making sure there is a lifejacket for everyone who is coming aboard. There are also things that will keep the day enjoyable like plenty of sunscreen, water, and snacks if you will be out a while. Take some of those pre-trip checklists you picked up in your boater education course and mix them with the things you need for your group. Look at that, packing for your day on the water just became a lot less stressful. 

3. Check the forecast

We dream of blue skies and sun on our boat days but let’s be honest the weather can change fast.  Check the forecast and make a plan based on the weather that day. If it is going to be sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon, you might have plenty of time to enjoy the water before a storm rolls in. We recommend leaving yourself some time before the weather turns while you’re new. Loading in high winds or lighting is not recommended in general and especially for the new boater. 

4. Take your time

It can feel like a lot of pressure the first time backing up to the boat launch. While you certainly do not want to hog the launch or the dock, remember to take your time. Like tip 2, rushing to get out of the way of the launch can lead to danger or damage. We all had to do it for the first time at one time and everyone should be understanding of that. If you are by yourself or just need help, ask someone nearby. People are usually quick to lend a hand at the launch.

5. Boat Registration

Your boat has to be registered and this would be an easy thing to overlook in the new boat excitement. You have to have it onboard in case you get stopped for a safety check by the Sheriff’s Department or Parks and Wildlife.

The Wrap Up

We love our waters here in East Texas and we want you to create memories with your family and friends. When it comes to your first trips on your boat, give yourself plenty of time and do not take shortcuts. Get to know how your boat works and what it is capable of. When you are out you are responsible for everyone on your boat’s safety and the safety of all others around you on the water. Get out and have some fun and never hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

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