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Advanced Wakesurfing Tricks

Beginner wakesurfing tricks are fun and simple, great for the casual wakesurfer. But, if you are reading this, you probably aren’t the casual wakesurfer. Advanced wakesurfers aren’t satisfied with carving or pumping alone. They want to hit the water and try something new and exciting. If that is why you are here, you are in the right spot. We have rounded up some of the most impressive advanced wakesurfing tricks for you and some guides on how to master them.

180 and 360 Shuv-It

The 180 and 360 shuv-its involve the surfer spinning the board underneath them while they jump, without spinning themselves. This trick is best on a skim wakesurf board but you can achieve it on a surf style too.

To do a shuv-it, make sure you have mastered the backside board slide/ Those are motions that you will need for the shuv-its. If your surfboard has a fin, start by learning this move with the fin in the front.

Learning Shuv-its: Tips and Tricks
  1. Keep your stance wide. You should be comfortable in your stance so no need to sink lowering than usual but make sure that you have as much control over your board as possible.
  2. Rotate your hips with the board. Ultimately the board should rotate underneath you while you jump but as you are moving up the wave your hips should be rotating with the board. Once you jump, the board shouldn’t have much more rotation before you land.
  3. Check out this helpful tutorial for 180 shuv-its.
  4. Use a skim board if you have it.

900 Spin

You’ve heard of a 180, 360, and maybe even a 720. But, have you heard of a 900? Some quick math would tell you that it’s two full rotations and one half for good measure. This trick will take some practice and some serious skills on the water. Wanna see it for yourself? Check out this video of a brave shredder taking it on. He might not completely stick the landing but you get the idea.

So, what is technically happening during a 900 spin? The wakesurfer is using the rotation from his hips and arms to propel himself into a spin and, while staying upright after one 360, he’s keeping that motion going for another one and a half rotations.

Learning the 900 Spin: Tips and Tricks
  1. Make sure that you have mastered the 360. This is a beginner level trick but it’s absolutely necessary if you are going to take on the 900. Check out all the beginner wakesurfing tricks we’ve compiled.
  2. Stay low and controlled. The theme of most of these tricks is just that: control. The pros make it look easy and loose on the water but the reality is it starts with board control and balance.
  3. Try it on a skim style board, this trick will be very hard to pull off on a surf style. This trick requires a lot of angling and movement, it will be very hard to pull off on a larger, less agile board.

Big Spin

The big spin takes a 360 spin and adds a 180 shuv in the mix. As you are in the 360 spin you will need to jump and shuv your board another 180 degrees.

Learning the Big Spin: Tips and Tricks

Check out this helpful video tutorial on the Big Spin.

Make sure you have mastered both 360 spins and shuvs. You will need to be very familiar on your board in order to master the Big Spin.


Whether you are a pro or just getting started, don’t forget to have a good time and be safe. Don’t forget that falling is part of the process and oftentimes part of the fun.

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