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Why Riding Behind an Inboard Motor is Important for Wakesurfing

If you’ve been on a busy lake, you’ve without a doubt envied the people wakesurfing behind cool-looking boats, playing music, and having a good time. Maybe you’ve even tried wakesurfing yourself and can’t get enough.

Before you take a deep dive into wakesurfing and dedicating more time to the sport yourself, there are a few things you should know about the kind of boat you’ll need to wakesurf.

Let’s go over why it’s important to ride behind an inboard motor as opposed to an outboard motor for wakesurfing.

It’s the Safest Way to Wakesurf

If you’re interested in wakesurfing, the #1 thing you should understand is it must be done from a boat with an inboard motor (NOT an outboard motor) to wakesurf safely.

Inboard motors are housed inside the hull, and most importantly the propellor is safely tucked underneath the boat. When a surfer falls off their board as is inevitable with wakesurfing, there’s no risk of being hurt by the propellor with an inboard motor.

If you were to attempt to wakesurf behind a boat with an outboard motor, you’d be risking injury by the exposed propellor, which could lead to a life-threatening situation. You’ll also be directly behind the exhaust of an outboard inhaling harmful engine fumes. With the inherent dangers of wakesurfing behind an outboard motor, it’s simply a recipe for disaster!

The Tow Line Won’t Get Caught

Another reason why it’s important to ride behind an inboard motor for wakesurfing is that you won’t have to worry about the tow line getting caught and tangling up the propellor.

As we just mentioned, with an inboard motor the propeller is tucked safely underneath the boat, so there’s no risk of lines getting caught. With an outboard motor, it would certainly be an issue.

If a line gets caught in a propeller, it can cause serious and expensive mechanical damage. You can avoid this risk altogether by utilizing an inboard motor for wakesurfing.

Inboard Motors Create a Reliable Surf Wake

Last but not least, riding behind an inboard motor is important for wakesurfing because they make the best wakes necessary for surfing.

With a lower center of gravity and the propellor lower in the water, inboard motors push water up and out, creating those wakes we all know and love. The best and safestwakesurfing just isn’t possible without the wake from an inboard motor.

Today’s top-of-the-line wakesurfing boats also distribute weight through ballasts and use things like trim tabs to create the perfect wake, but an inboard motor is an essential prerequisite.


Wakesurfing is an exhilarating water activity, but without the right boat, you’ll have a difficult time making the best wake and worse, exposing yourself to an unsafe situation.

If you plan to wakesurf, make sure you do so behind a boat with an inboard motor so you can be as safe as possible and enjoy your time on the water. Check out our available boats today!

The History of Wakesurfing

The history of Wakesurfing is disputed with several companies and various people claiming to have started the sport. Some claims go back as far as the 1920s, but no credible evidence is currently available. There is plenty of film and print media from the 1950s and 1960s showing surfers riding their ocean boards behind motorboats. These are the first records of wakesurf board riding that can be found!

Promotion of Wakesurfing

The real promoting of the sport started in 1963-1964 as Dick Pope, Sr., an award-winning water skier and renowned self-promoter, added wakesurfing to his ski shows at the Cypress Gardens in Florida. This media coverage and heavy promotion of the sport put wakesurfing in the international spotlight! Gary Warren, a California bred surfer and water skier, was brought to Winter Haven, Florida to star in Pope’s highly publicized water ski and wakesurfing shows.

According to Gary, he and his older brother, along with many other surfers on the West coast, began towing their surfboards behind their ski boats in the 1960s when the waters got too rough to surf. They took to this type of “surfing” because they didn’t have to paddle out to the wave, wait for a bomb wave and then ride it. They could get several people to sit in the back of their ski boat to produce a clean wave and ride the wake of the boat for longer than a regular wave.

Wakesurfing Catches on in the 1990s

To add to the history of wakesurfing, the sport began to catch on in the 1990s when wake boarders were trying to increase the technology of the board while increasing the size of the wake. Boat companies helped move wakesurfing to where it is today by improving their technology. 

When boat manufacturers heard about the popularity of wakesurfing, they altered their boats to get bigger waves by weighting the back of the boat and adjusting the rear of the boat that rode in the water. 

When surfboard manufacturers began changing their surfboards to better the waves and combined with the modified ski boats, the sport spread across the United States and across the world!

Beginning of Competitions

The first known competition of the World Wake Surf Championships was held at Mission Bay in California in 1996 with approximately thirty people led by Tim Lopes and a local surfboard team. Since Tim was the only one that rode the entire wave, he was declared the winner! Tim then worked with a local surfboard manufacturer to improve their boards for wakesurfing.

Today, the World Wake Surf Championships bring thousands of people to their event held in Parker, Arizona to crown the latest World Wake Surf Champion!

Wakesurfing Today

Since the early days of wakesurfing, there have been many modifications and upgrades in the boating and wakesurf boards industry to make it a safe and fun sport that you can enjoy today.

Having a boat that can produce a great wake is the key to enjoying wakesurfing. Please enjoy surfing our website to find a boat, a board and wakesurfing accessories that will increase your fun on the water.

Teaching Kids to Wakesurf: Do’s and Don’ts

Hitting the water with the whole family is part of the fun of boating. Snacks, laughs, and watersports, what else could you want? Some watersports are more accessible for kids to master. Laying on an innertube and holding a handle takes much less skill than shredding on a wakesurf board (depending on who is driving when you are tubing). However, if your kids are ready to graduate from the innertube to a wakesurf board, we have the do’s and don’ts to follow when teaching them.

Do’s: Wakesurfing Musts To Teach Your Kids

  1. Stay calm and let the boat do the work: For a beginner, getting up on the board is the hardest part. If you have a good form though, it will make a world of difference. The key is keeping your arms straight and knees relaxed. Many kids want to pull on the tow rope to get them up but they should be encouraged to let the boat pull them instead.
  2. Feet placement can be a game changer: Helping your kid place their feet in the correct spot before the boat gets moving can be the biggest help in getting that successful pop-up. Make sure their back foot is as close to the back as possible and their feet are approximately shoulder-width apart. Also, encourage them to keep their heels at the edge of the board.
  3. Slow down and take lots of breaks: Make sure you are going nice and slow while a kid is learning. In fact, going just a little faster than idle is probably the right speed. If they have tried to pull up three times in a row, take a break and rotate out your surfer. Remember, wakesurfing can be a lot harder on a smaller person, to avoid a tired surfer, make sure they are well rested.

Don’ts: Things to Avoid With Young Wakesurfers

  1. Don’t hit the water without a PFD (Personal Floatation Device): A lifejacket or PFD is essential whenever a kid is on the water but especially when they are wakesurfing. Not only is a PFD common sense, but it is also a practical tool to help a kid when they are learning. As we have already noted, foot placement is very important. When the kid is in the water, the PFD will help them float by their board as you instruct them or physically move their feet into the correct spot.
  2. Don’t encourage a kid to stand up too tall or too quickly: Kids center of gravity is closer to the ground than that of an adult. If they stand up too quickly or buckle their knees, they will likely lose their balance. Encourage them to stay low and keep those knees relaxed.


Teaching kids to wakesurf is not that different than teaching any newbie. As long as you take your time and make sure your surfer is having fun, they will be sure to master it in no time! If you aren’t sure if you have the right kind of board for a smaller surfer, come talk to us!

East Texas Boating in the Fall

There are loads of great reasons to live in Texas, too many to list in this blog post. And, if you have lived in Texas for more than 5 minutes, you are probably already aware of all of Texas’ good qualities. One of our favorite qualities about Lone Star State is the year-round boating season. The mild winters and hot summers make lake days a must if you ask us. Perhaps the best time to be on the water is fall. With the changing colors, beautiful weather, and increased water levels compared to summer, fall is an ideal time to hit a lake near you. So, where should you go?

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is a 26-mile-long lake north of Houston in East Texas. Boasting some of Texas’ best piney forests, Lake Conroe is sure to be a great spot for fall boating. The perfect spot to hit up for both fishing and watersports (although not at the same time). This 22,000-acre lake really has something for everyone. Enough room to pull out the wakesurf board or to find a quiet place to fish. Unlike many other lakes, Conroe also has some public beaches to enjoy while you are there.

Lake Palestine

The sheer size of Lake Palestine is reason enough to visit this monster of a lake. 40 square miles of lake just southwest of Tyler makes this lake a gem for the avid boater. Bass fishing is popular here but our preference is wakesurfing coast to coast (18 miles in total).

Lake Tyler West and Lake Tyler East

These twin lakes make up some of our favorite surfing spots in East Texas. Connected by a canal, these two lakes are sure to have space for you to surf without disturbance. Best of all? Our friends at Lake Tyler Marina will make navigating the lake when you get there super easy.

Lake Caddo

Lake Caddo is really in a league of its’ own. Unlike many other lakes in Texas, Caddo is made up of bayous, wetlands, sloughs, and ponds. Home of the world’s largest bald cypress forest, Caddo has plenty to look at–including, if you’re lucky, gators. Not all of Lake Caddo is recommended for watersports. In fact, many areas are best experienced on a canoe (available to rent at the lake). Lake Caddo is more than just 50 miles of paddling trails, it also comes with plenty of places to camp, hike, or picnic. While this might not be your first pick for a wakesurfing day, it is truly beautiful. With hanging Spanish moss and the paddling trails, this is a must see this fall season. Be prepared to go about as East as Texas will let you go; in fact, lake Caddo is on the border of Texas and Louisiana.

Final Considerations

Before you pack up your boat in search of your favorite fall boating spots, check the water levels of the lake you are headed to. In general, water levels in the fall are much better than in the summer, posing a much smaller risk to boaters but don’t let the cooler weather fool you. Always use best practices before putting the boat in the water and be sure you are aware of your surrounding and any marked-off areas. Finally, make sure that the boat you are using is up to the task. Ready to upgrade or become a first-time boat owner, check us out!

Prepping Your Boat for Storage

When the weather is hot, the best place to be is on the lake. Sun, surf, and some good company is the best way to pass the dog days of summer. But, in order to be ready for the dog days, you have to make sure your boat is in peak condition—especially as it goes into storage. Once your boat has been diligently taken care of and is tucked away in storage, you can breathe easy knowing that it will be there for you next season! 

Many new boat owners aren’t aware that improperly storing your boat can cause damage. One of the biggest risks to a boat in the off-season is condensation and grime build-up in the engine. Condensation can cause rust if not avoided. 

So, what sort of things does a responsible boat owner need to do before storing a boat? If you’re asking yourself that, you are in the right place! Here are the top seven things you need to do to prep your boat for storage. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive so it’s best to check with a professional if you are unsure. Please note: there maybe be additional things that you need to do if you boat in saltwater as it tends to be more corrosive. 

Prepping Your Boat for Storage

  1. Clean your boat from top to bottom. This may seem obvious but it’s essential. You don’t want grime or buildup eating away at your boat all winter long. When you are done, make sure to dry it thoroughly to avoid the much-dreaded condensation. A coat of wax is recommended.
  2. Change the oil. Just like your daily driver, your boat needs new oil. This serves to protect the engine from condensation. Don’t forget to change the filter while you are at it! New oil with an old filter doesn’t make any sense. Some boaters prefer to change the oil at the beginning of the season, not the end. If that’s you, just make sure to use an oil stabilizer. 
  3. Next, you will want to fog out the engine. This will keep the moving parts of the engine safe in the colder weather. 
  4. Disconnect the battery. Some boat owners take the battery home with them over the winter so they can charge it up every now and then. Others have a storage facility that will do that for you. Either way, you don’t want to crank your engine first thing in the summer only to hear an engine that won’t turn over. 
  5. Grease the control mechanism. By this point, you know the drill, condensation: BAD! Grease will keep the menace out of the important control mechanism. 
  6. Use a quality boat cover. Quality covers will keep out rain and sun. It’s best to find one that fits your boat snuggly instead of trying to make do with a generic cover or tarp. 
  7. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Ask one of our in-house boating enthusiasts or check out this helpful video!  


Boat maintenance is absolutely necessary but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, you might even come to really like taking care of your boat at the end of the season. 


Advanced Wakesurfing Tricks

Beginner wakesurfing tricks are fun and simple, great for the casual wakesurfer. But, if you are reading this, you probably aren’t the casual wakesurfer. Advanced wakesurfers aren’t satisfied with carving or pumping alone. They want to hit the water and try something new and exciting. If that is why you are here, you are in the right spot. We have rounded up some of the most impressive advanced wakesurfing tricks for you and some guides on how to master them.

180 and 360 Shuv-It

The 180 and 360 shuv-its involve the surfer spinning the board underneath them while they jump, without spinning themselves. This trick is best on a skim wakesurf board but you can achieve it on a surf style too.

To do a shuv-it, make sure you have mastered the backside board slide/ Those are motions that you will need for the shuv-its. If your surfboard has a fin, start by learning this move with the fin in the front.

Learning Shuv-its: Tips and Tricks
  1. Keep your stance wide. You should be comfortable in your stance so no need to sink lowering than usual but make sure that you have as much control over your board as possible.
  2. Rotate your hips with the board. Ultimately the board should rotate underneath you while you jump but as you are moving up the wave your hips should be rotating with the board. Once you jump, the board shouldn’t have much more rotation before you land.
  3. Check out this helpful tutorial for 180 shuv-its.
  4. Use a skim board if you have it.

900 Spin

You’ve heard of a 180, 360, and maybe even a 720. But, have you heard of a 900? Some quick math would tell you that it’s two full rotations and one half for good measure. This trick will take some practice and some serious skills on the water. Wanna see it for yourself? Check out this video of a brave shredder taking it on. He might not completely stick the landing but you get the idea.

So, what is technically happening during a 900 spin? The wakesurfer is using the rotation from his hips and arms to propel himself into a spin and, while staying upright after one 360, he’s keeping that motion going for another one and a half rotations.

Learning the 900 Spin: Tips and Tricks
  1. Make sure that you have mastered the 360. This is a beginner level trick but it’s absolutely necessary if you are going to take on the 900. Check out all the beginner wakesurfing tricks we’ve compiled.
  2. Stay low and controlled. The theme of most of these tricks is just that: control. The pros make it look easy and loose on the water but the reality is it starts with board control and balance.
  3. Try it on a skim style board, this trick will be very hard to pull off on a surf style. This trick requires a lot of angling and movement, it will be very hard to pull off on a larger, less agile board.

Big Spin

The big spin takes a 360 spin and adds a 180 shuv in the mix. As you are in the 360 spin you will need to jump and shuv your board another 180 degrees.

Learning the Big Spin: Tips and Tricks

Check out this helpful video tutorial on the Big Spin.

Make sure you have mastered both 360 spins and shuvs. You will need to be very familiar on your board in order to master the Big Spin.


Whether you are a pro or just getting started, don’t forget to have a good time and be safe. Don’t forget that falling is part of the process and oftentimes part of the fun.

Wakesurfing Safety: 4 Tips to Stay Safe

Wakesurfing is our favorite way to spend a sunny day out on the lake. On the water, you don’t want to have a care in the world. So, before you hit the waves, make sure that you have taken all the necessary safety precautions. To make it easy, here are 4 safety tips before you wakesurf.

Get the Right Wakesurfing Gear

Make sure you are using the right boat. Not all boats are created equal and the right boat will not only give you a better wake it will be much safer. Specifically, wakesurfing boats don’t have an exposed propeller like many others making it much safer to be behind while you are surfing. Don’t stop at the boat! The tow rope for wakesurfing is very different than the one used in other water sports. Not only that, the size and shape of the wakesurf board that you choose can greatly impact the control you have while surfing.

Wear a Life Jacket or PFD

Even if you are an experienced shredder, you should wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) when surfing. Better safe than sorry. Make sure that you choose a PFD that fits properly to keep you secure when you fall.

Expect to Fall – And Have Fun!

Many trepidacious newbies are terrified to fall when they first get on a board only to find out that falling isn’t that bad. Our advice: Embrace it! Falling is part of the fun – don’t fight it. In fact, it is safest if you allow yourself to fall gently instead of jumping when you feel yourself losing your balance.

Practice Good Driving Habits

A good wakesurfer is only as good as their support team. Make sure the operator of the boat, and all those aboard, are looking out for you and following the best practices for drivers. Here are just a couple of guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Always have a spotter (someone keeping an eye on the person in the water). The boat driver needs to have eyes up front so someone needs to keep an eye on the surfer.
  • Familiarize yourself with common gestures. A thumb up or down can indicate whether the surfer wants to go faster or slower. A pat on the head is a request to return to the dock, and both hands above the head with fingers touching tell the spotter that the rider is okay after a fall.
  • Be mindful of the surroundings. Always be sure that you choose an open area to surf and keep in mind that wakesurfing comes with a bigger wake than other water sports so be sure you aren’t too close to shore or you could cause damage to your surroundings.
  • After a surfer takes a fall, make sure to keep the surfer on the driver’s side of the boat and in your line of sight at all times when circling back to pick them up.


Hitting the waves might be nerve-wracking at first but once you get out there and realize that there is nothing to fear you’ll love it! If you follow our simple tips for staying safe while wakesurfing, you are sure to have the time of your life.

Our 2022 Wakesurf Board Lineup

Imagine if you will for a moment, the year is 2022 and you say to yourself, “It’s time for a new board.” Here at Wake Authority we understand and see it as our job to be there for you when that time comes. Let us introduce you to our 2022 lineup of lake slayers.

The Bomber 4’10” (2022 Edition)

BOMBERThe Bomber is coming in for another pass. With each new edition, this Brigade original just gets better and better. Designed with the bigger riders in mind, the ones who still love to rip and charge all day and need a board that won’t hold them back. This board is also worthy of being wall art with the two colorway options. The blue makes us think of pristine dreamy lake days. Check out the red though for a more aggressive hard-charging look that sends a message before it even touches the water.



The Halfie 4’8” (2022 Edition)

HalfiePut out the vibe on this absolutely beautiful board. Designed in partnership with World Champion Craig “Halfie” Halford, this hybrid style board gives you the best of both worlds between a surf-style and skim-style board. This wakesurf board is more than just a looker, it was created for snapping back to the wake and airing out. Pick one up and start carving up the lake, we can’t wait to see what you can do on this thing.



The Love Seat 5’ (2022 Edition)

LOVESEATProof that we love and listen to you, this board was born out of your feedback on the best-selling Surf Couch. You asked for something just a little bit smaller and what’s a little bit smaller than a couch? The Love Seat 5’ comes with a nice wide profile built with the whole family in mind. The best part is that even with this bigger board we didn’t sacrifice any of the speed you’ve come to expect of our boards. Again an absolutely beautiful board with a natural wood look accented with your choice of green or black colorway.



The Stealth 4’8” (2022 Edition)

StealthOne of our best-selling shapes and for good reason, we’re excited to have the Stealth back again. A newly designed wider profile adds just a little more necessary stability for you as you charge back to the wake prepared for takeoff. The tail shape isn’t just designed for looks, this polygonal shape will help you keep control through whatever spins and tricks you send. Available in green or black we are glad Brigade brought this new edition to our quiver. It’s sure to become one of our regular rides.



The Surf Couch 5’4” (2022 Edition)

SurfCouchHere it is, back again, the Surf Couch is ready to rip with the whole family. From your youngest to oldest, smallest to biggest, the Surf Couch is one board we all can hop on and have a good time with. If you only had room for one on the boat, this would be a solid choice for anyone and everyone. How am I supposed to pick one? The gold colorway? The blue? 



The Tamarindo 54″ | 58″ (2022 Edition)

TamarindoThe Tamarindo is the freestyle rider’s dream. This skim board is for the ripper who wants to add to their tricks and continue creating their own style. Available in either 54” or 58” this is the peak of skim boards. Snag the yellow or the blue, pair it with a matching Hawaiian button-down, and rip into the sunset, my friend.




The Zulu 4′ 6″ (2022 Edition)

ZuluRiders of all skills and abilities, meet your new board. Ready to take your riding to the next level? The Zulu will certainly help unlock some new growth in your riding. This ultra-responsive board is built to rip. Four colorways each bringing about a warm nostalgia of 90’s era swim trunk designs. This board will have you charging with your friends all day long.




The Wrap Up

Brigade did it again in 2022 with these boards. Taking feedback from riders like you and me, continuing to fine-tune and progress their boards to offer us new potential in our riding. There’s a reason these are the wakesurf boards we swear by. If you’re buying your first board and need a little more help deciphering what you’re looking at, check out this article right HERE for more help learning the language. May the sun be warm and the lake be glassy, happy riding.


What to Look for When Buying a Pre-Owned Boat

Summer is upon us and that means that one of the best seasons is just around the corner: boating season! Whether you’re fishing or wakeboarding, boats are awesome because they help you create memories with your friends and family that will last a lifetime. But with the rising prices of practically everything around us, buying a brand-new boat might not be the best decision at the moment.

That’s ok though because the next best thing to a new boat is a pre-owned boat! Pre-owned boats describe a pretty large swath of boats on the market. Their conditions vary from boat to boat, so buying a pre-owned boat means that you need to do a bit more research than on a new boat to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key things you need to look out for when buying a pre-owned boat this year.

  1. Boat Age
    • One of the first things that you need to do when shopping for a pre-owned boat is filter out anything that is older than 20 years. As mentioned earlier in the introduction, pre-owned basically describes any boat that has been used by a previous owner. Boats older than 20 years are going to have a lot more wear and tear on them than earlier model boats, which ultimately will result in you spending more money to overhaul it than the boat itself.
  2. How Many Hours are on the Engine?
    • The heart of the boat is the engine. It gets you to where you want to go. When it works, it’s the last thing you think about. When it’s on the fritz, it’s the only thing you can think about. Checking to see how many hours will show you how much the boat has been used. Higher hours may indicate that the boat’s engine may be pretty worn out. Be double sure about the hours by having a mechanic take a look at the engine before making your final purchase.
  3. Is There Anything that Doesn’t Work on the Boat?
    • Be sure to turn everything on and that everything works as it’s supposed to. Bilge pumps, engines, etc. are just a few of the areas you want to make sure are in good working order. Be sure to check out the paint on the exterior of the boat as that will be a telltale sign of how worn out the boat may be. The upholstery is also another point to ensure is in good working order, as trying to reupholster a boat can be extremely expensive.

Final Thoughts

Alrighty! We’ve gone over the key things to look out for when purchasing a pre-owned boat. Be sure to evaluate each boat you’re interested in thoroughly to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting. 

As the authority in East Texas boat deals, we can get you on the perfect boat for you and your family. Check out our available boats online here. Contact us today and let us help get you on the water this summer!

Why the Boating Community is the Greatest

With summer right around the corner, you might be seeing folks get their boats out of winter storage and ready for a season of non-stop fun on the water! If you’re a current boat owner, you know the feeling of joy that you get when you start seeing everyone’s trailers once again. There are so many fun things to do on the water that it really does bring out the best in people. Folks are fun to be around when everyone is having fun! And boy oh boy is it fun to be on a boat. There are tons of things to do that practically everyone can enjoy. So whether you’re a salty veteran on the water or a brand new greenhorn, by the end of this post you’ll agree that the boating community is the best community!


There’s nothing quite like getting out on the water early in the morning and seeing your buddies out with their boats with their lines in the water. Fishing offers so many fun opportunities to the boating community that it attracts more and more people every year! From casual weekend trips to competitive fishing tournaments, there are so many ways to make fishing a fun community activity while boating!

Wake Surfing

Looking for a group of high-octane adrenaline junkies? Then look no further than wake surfing! The community around wake surfing is great because everyone is super supportive of each other. They recognize that the sport is challenging and that wakeboarders need to help each other out to progress. Plus, they always look out for one another so that everyone is safe and able to keep coming out time after time!

The Parties

The boating community is legendary for the parties that get thrown out on the water. In fact, there are so many songs out there written about partying on boats that it’s almost like an iconic part of boating! Heck, pontoon boats are even nicknamed party barges because of the fact that they are designed specifically to allow you to host plenty of people for an excellent time on the water. Nothing feels better than bobbing along on the lake with a cold drink in your hand, surrounded by friends and family, and listening to the music from everyone’s speakers. It really melts your troubles away as nothing else can!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to engage in the boating community. It doesn’t matter whether you fish, wake surf, or party, there’s a place that you’ll be able to find your people out on the water! And whether you’re in search of your first boat or your next boat, be sure to hit us up. As the authority in East Texas Boat Dealers, we can help you find the perfect boat to get you into the boating community. Check out our available boats online here, or contact us today! We can’t wait to see you and your boat out on the water this summer!

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