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Best Places to Boat in East Texas

Whether you are looking for smooth water to surf on, a deep hole to fish in, or a peaceful place to spend time with your family and friends- East Texas has you covered. East Texas is filled with beautiful landscaping and sweet bodies of water for all your water sports needs. 
Here is a list of some of the stats and characteristics of our favorite lakes in East Texas!
  1.  Lake Tyler (West) and Lake Tyler East Located just over one hour West of Carthage comes this well-known gem in, you guessed it, Tyler, Texas. Connected via a canal this first one is actually a “twofer”. Lake Tyler covers 2,224 surface acres and Lake Tyler East adds another 2,276. That’s a lot of room for water activities. The Large Mouth Bass fishing is excellent and if you’re looking to surf, the water is always smooth in one of the coves. Looking for a good place to drop in on your visit? Check out our friends at Lake Tyler Marina.
  2. Lake PalestineLake Palestine sits just an hour and a half from Carthage or a quick twenty-five minutes south of Tyler. This thing is huge, like forty square miles huge. You’ll again find excellent Bass fishing and with a lake this big it’s pretty easy to find a spot all for yourself. Looking to surf? The Lake runs about 18 miles long so we challenge you to see if you can run that thing from coast to coast.
  3. Lake ConroeLake Conroe sits an easy three hours south of Carthage. Another massive 22,000-acre lake with all the amenities. It has played host to many a fishing tournament and prides itself on the 13-pound bass pulled from its’ waters. Not here to fish? Alright, well you won’t be disappointed with the surfing here. End the day with a swim on one of the public beaches or pull up to one of the waterfront restaurants and grab a bite to eat.
  4. Caddo Lake Located on the Texas-Louisiana border, Caddo Lake is a different kind of experience. Home to the largest bald cypress forest in the world, 71 species of fish to be caught, and yes, even gators. This one is hard, to sum up, and has to truly be experienced. Drift slowly through the Bayous and take in the ancient nature. Some of these trees are estimated at over 300 years old.
Let us help you get out on those lakes by checking out the boats we have in stock or stopping by our showroom to see these awesome boats in person. We’d love to meet you and tell you about our top spots for boating in East Texas.

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