2023 ATX 22 Type-S

  • Date Listed: October 1, 2022
  • Listing Status: Active
  • Location: Sabine , Carthage, TX
  • Engine : INDMAR 400
  • Hours: 0.0
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Boat Description

The ATX 22 Type-S is the boat you’ve been looking for. It’s the boat that catches your eye across the water. It’s the boat that goes all out and unleashes some serious swells. It’s the boat that gives you more value, storage and all-around good times. The 22 Type-S is truly the next level.

Wondering if we sacrificed hull performance in exchange for price on the ATX? Well, we didn’t. When you’re ready to surf, wakeboard, ski, or head home, just push ‘GO’ and the boat will take care of the work. No more dialing instructions, confusing set ups, or moving people around. Loaded with over 3,000 lb of ballast, the proven performance of the Convex V Hull, and TAPS 3T, your day will be epic and easy.

When it comes to functional layouts, we became ingeniously inventive. Take a seat in our standard reverse facing seat, or give your transom a transformation with the walkthrough upgrade. No matter which you choose, you’ll be cruising in comfort.

The first and only electric tower in its class, the Type-E Tower has simplicity at its core, giving you the most convenient and adaptable tower on the water.

Wondering if we sacrificed hull performance in exchange for price on the ATX? Well, we didn’t. ATX’s masterfully engineered Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T technology make ATX the only inboard to feature full trim capability. From first timers to pro riders, this duo is capable of providing you the performance you’ve been searching for.

TAPS 3T, 3T meaning 3 TONS of pressure, maximizes the natural capabilities of the Convex V Hull. Powered by military grade actuators, there is no other system that can compare. This allows any configuration or running attitude necessary to create optimum performance using the product of TAPS 3T by shifting the Convex V Hull into its prime performance position.

Our engines come closed cooled standard — a feature that is nearly a $6,000 upgrade on the boat the other guys are telling you about. Closed cooling is critical for quality of ownership and even resale. It keeps lake water out of your engine, maintains consistent engine temperatures, better fuel economy, performance, and eliminates corrosion—all of which leads to longer engine life.

The Raptor 400 brings thoroughbred performance without the high-end price. Featuring closed cooling and as fuel-efficient as it is powerful, the 400 delivers undisputable durability season after season.

If you know audio, then you know that Wet Sounds is the leader in marine audio for a reason. You can load your ATX all the way up on audio, or just keep it simple. Turn up the tunes and let the good times roll. ATX’s Wet Sounds audio system will come pre-tuned and deliver the good times with concert quality. All Wet Sounds and audio components are designed for marine applications with advanced composites and stainless steel components. The entire audio system has been engineered and ergonomically placed throughout each ATX model.



22′ (6.71 m)
Boat Beam
102″ (259.08 cm)
4950 lb (2245.28 kg)
3000 lb (1360.78 kg)
Fuel Capacity
57 gal (215.77 l)
Convex V
29″ (73.66 cm)
101.34 ft³ (2.86 m³)
Overall Length w/o Platform
Overall Length w/ Platform
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer (trailer tongue extended)
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer (trailer tongue folded)
Trailer Minimum Width (no guide poles)
Trailer Maximum Width (w/ removable guide poles)
Height, Tower Folded (No racks, 15″ Wheels)
Height, Tower Folded (With racks, 15″ wheels)
Height, Tower Up on Trailer (15″ wheels)
Weight – Boat & Trailer
6,450 lbs
Weight Capacity
2,150 lbs
  • Year: 2023
  • Make: ATX
  • Model: 22 Type-S
  • Drive V-drive
  • Length Feet 22'
  • Width - 102