East Texas Boating in the Fall

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There are loads of great reasons to live in Texas, too many to list in this blog post. And, if you have lived in Texas for more than 5 minutes, you are probably already aware of all of Texas’ good qualities. One of our favorite qualities about Lone Star State is the year-round boating season. The mild winters and hot summers make lake days a must if you ask us. Perhaps the best time to be on the water is fall. With the changing colors, beautiful weather, and increased water levels compared to summer, fall is an ideal time to hit a lake near you. So, where should you go?

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is a 26-mile-long lake north of Houston in East Texas. Boasting some of Texas’ best piney forests, Lake Conroe is sure to be a great spot for fall boating. The perfect spot to hit up for both fishing and watersports (although not at the same time). This 22,000-acre lake really has something for everyone. Enough room to pull out the wakesurf board or to find a quiet place to fish. Unlike many other lakes, Conroe also has some public beaches to enjoy while you are there.

Lake Palestine

The sheer size of Lake Palestine is reason enough to visit this monster of a lake. 40 square miles of lake just southwest of Tyler makes this lake a gem for the avid boater. Bass fishing is popular here but our preference is wakesurfing coast to coast (18 miles in total).

Lake Tyler West and Lake Tyler East

These twin lakes make up some of our favorite surfing spots in East Texas. Connected by a canal, these two lakes are sure to have space for you to surf without disturbance. Best of all? Our friends at Lake Tyler Marina will make navigating the lake when you get there super easy.

Lake Caddo

Lake Caddo is really in a league of its’ own. Unlike many other lakes in Texas, Caddo is made up of bayous, wetlands, sloughs, and ponds. Home of the world’s largest bald cypress forest, Caddo has plenty to look at–including, if you’re lucky, gators. Not all of Lake Caddo is recommended for watersports. In fact, many areas are best experienced on a canoe (available to rent at the lake). Lake Caddo is more than just 50 miles of paddling trails, it also comes with plenty of places to camp, hike, or picnic. While this might not be your first pick for a wakesurfing day, it is truly beautiful. With hanging Spanish moss and the paddling trails, this is a must see this fall season. Be prepared to go about as East as Texas will let you go; in fact, lake Caddo is on the border of Texas and Louisiana.

Final Considerations

Before you pack up your boat in search of your favorite fall boating spots, check the water levels of the lake you are headed to. In general, water levels in the fall are much better than in the summer, posing a much smaller risk to boaters but don’t let the cooler weather fool you. Always use best practices before putting the boat in the water and be sure you are aware of your surrounding and any marked-off areas. Finally, make sure that the boat you are using is up to the task. Ready to upgrade or become a first-time boat owner, check us out!

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