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How to Take Care of Your Wakesurf Board

As summer is approaching you might want to pull out that old wakesurf board and do a little inventory – are there any dings that need to be repaired? Are all the fins intact? Is it time to retire old-faithful and get a new one altogether? There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a beloved board retired due to a lack of proper care. That’s why we want to make sure that this summer you are handling your surfer like a pro, on and off the water.


Unfortunately for us, we can’t spend ALL of our time on the water. And it’s the time spent off the water that can cause a lot of damage to your board. Make sure you are being smart with your storage to keep your board safe.
Board bags: Padded board bags are a great way to ensure you don’t ding your board in transit or even while spending time on the boat. Wakesurf boards can be delicate and even a bump into a door frame can ding up your board. Board bags are also a great way to keep track of all your fins and keep your board out of the sun to prevent sun damage.
Board racks: If you wakesurf often consider getting a board rack for your boat to keep your boards from rattling around while you are on the water. Make sure you aren’t going with some outdated or generic option though – jamming your board into a rack that doesn’t fit can cause even more damage.
DONT: store your boards directly in the sun or stacked one on top of the other. Wakesurf boards can be easily crushed or damaged this way. Don’t store your boards with the fins on. Removing and adding the fins is fairly easy, taking them off before storing them is a good way to make sure that you don’t end up with a crushed fin.

In the water.

Launching: Many people like to start their surf with the nose of their board on the platform keeping them from having to start in the water. While this might look cool it will damage your board and can be dangerous to you. The best way to start your surf is in the water, tow rope in hand.
Repair: No matter how delicate you are with your board dings are bound to happen. Just make sure you repair them before you hit the water again.

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