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You’ve got the board, you’ve got the skills, and now you’re ready to take your wakesurfing dreams to the next level. It’s time to buy your own boat. Renting a boat or waiting for your friend to have time to take you out on the water just won’t cut it anymore. Having your own boat will allow you the freedom to go out whenever you want, but it is important to make sure you buy a boat that suits all of your watersports needs. Deciding which boat to buy can seem overwhelming, and it can feel like you are sacrificing speed or power for comfort and aesthetics.  Luckily, ATX boats were designed with you in mind. ATX boats include several features that make it perfect for all your watersports needs and a fantastic day out on the lake with your family. 


What features can you expect on your ATX boat? 


The GO System:

If you are buying a boat to wakesurf, the GO System is gold. This easy to use system is the same software that luxury Tigé boats use, yet at a much more affordable price. You simply press “GO” when you are ready to surf and the boat responds in seconds. The GO system will authorize your TAPS 3T and surf settings so you don’t have to deal with inputting complicated information and asking people to move around on the boat. You can also choose different settings easily if some of your friends would prefer to ski or wakeboard. Overall, the GO system is designed for you to spend more time enjoying the day and less time messing with settings. 


The Engine:

The ATX boat contains a 6.2L Closed Cooled ATX engine that is fuel-efficient and offers a smooth ride. The closed cooling keeps the engine temperature consistent and keeps lake water out, which keeps the engine in pristine condition. You can expect the engine to be durable, allowing you to enjoy the boat for several years or maintain a good resale value. 



One of the key benefits of owning your own boat is storage. The days of stowing your wakesurf board away in a closet and making sure you haven’t forgotten anything important at home when you head to the lake are over. ATX boats contain sufficient storage under the seats for all of your wakesurfing needs, and then some. There is plenty of space for an ice chest and snacks under the seat so you don’t have to choose between inviting another friend and a couple extra drinks. 


Bluetooth and Speakers:

These might not be necessary for wakesurfing, but they are generally helpful for a great time. If you are out on the water with friends for the day, some good tunes are part of the deal. The bluetooth option will allow you to control the music from anywhere on the boat and with a great sound system, you’ll be able to enjoy the tunes even if you are several feet away surfing the wake! 


Buying a boat is a big step, and if you are going to make the investment, it is worth it to invest in a boat that will meet all of your needs. ATX boats offer you top of the line wakesurfing features as well as comfort for an affordable price. Please feel free to reach out for more information today! 


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