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Our 2022 Wakesurf Board Lineup

Imagine if you will for a moment, the year is 2022 and you say to yourself, “It’s time for a new board.” Here at Wake Authority we understand and see it as our job to be there for you when that time comes. Let us introduce you to our 2022 lineup of lake slayers.

The Bomber 4’10” (2022 Edition)

BOMBERThe Bomber is coming in for another pass. With each new edition, this Brigade original just gets better and better. Designed with the bigger riders in mind, the ones who still love to rip and charge all day and need a board that won’t hold them back. This board is also worthy of being wall art with the two colorway options. The blue makes us think of pristine dreamy lake days. Check out the red though for a more aggressive hard-charging look that sends a message before it even touches the water.



The Halfie 4’8” (2022 Edition)

HalfiePut out the vibe on this absolutely beautiful board. Designed in partnership with World Champion Craig “Halfie” Halford, this hybrid style board gives you the best of both worlds between a surf-style and skim-style board. This wakesurf board is more than just a looker, it was created for snapping back to the wake and airing out. Pick one up and start carving up the lake, we can’t wait to see what you can do on this thing.



The Love Seat 5’ (2022 Edition)

LOVESEATProof that we love and listen to you, this board was born out of your feedback on the best-selling Surf Couch. You asked for something just a little bit smaller and what’s a little bit smaller than a couch? The Love Seat 5’ comes with a nice wide profile built with the whole family in mind. The best part is that even with this bigger board we didn’t sacrifice any of the speed you’ve come to expect of our boards. Again an absolutely beautiful board with a natural wood look accented with your choice of green or black colorway.



The Stealth 4’8” (2022 Edition)

StealthOne of our best-selling shapes and for good reason, we’re excited to have the Stealth back again. A newly designed wider profile adds just a little more necessary stability for you as you charge back to the wake prepared for takeoff. The tail shape isn’t just designed for looks, this polygonal shape will help you keep control through whatever spins and tricks you send. Available in green or black we are glad Brigade brought this new edition to our quiver. It’s sure to become one of our regular rides.



The Surf Couch 5’4” (2022 Edition)

SurfCouchHere it is, back again, the Surf Couch is ready to rip with the whole family. From your youngest to oldest, smallest to biggest, the Surf Couch is one board we all can hop on and have a good time with. If you only had room for one on the boat, this would be a solid choice for anyone and everyone. How am I supposed to pick one? The gold colorway? The blue? 



The Tamarindo 54″ | 58″ (2022 Edition)

TamarindoThe Tamarindo is the freestyle rider’s dream. This skim board is for the ripper who wants to add to their tricks and continue creating their own style. Available in either 54” or 58” this is the peak of skim boards. Snag the yellow or the blue, pair it with a matching Hawaiian button-down, and rip into the sunset, my friend.




The Zulu 4′ 6″ (2022 Edition)

ZuluRiders of all skills and abilities, meet your new board. Ready to take your riding to the next level? The Zulu will certainly help unlock some new growth in your riding. This ultra-responsive board is built to rip. Four colorways each bringing about a warm nostalgia of 90’s era swim trunk designs. This board will have you charging with your friends all day long.




The Wrap Up

Brigade did it again in 2022 with these boards. Taking feedback from riders like you and me, continuing to fine-tune and progress their boards to offer us new potential in our riding. There’s a reason these are the wakesurf boards we swear by. If you’re buying your first board and need a little more help deciphering what you’re looking at, check out this article right HERE for more help learning the language. May the sun be warm and the lake be glassy, happy riding.


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