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Buying your first pre-owned boat

Buying your first boat can be like buying your first car, overwhelming. When you are new to boats it can quickly seem like people are speaking another language. Knowing where to start, what you need, and who to trust only gets more complicated when you begin talking about a used boat. Is it actually worth the hassle? Let’s be honest, there are a ton of different definitions when it comes to the word “used” and it all depends on who is saying it. Here at Wake-Authority, we always try to be a resource you can count on to get you through to the other side, so our team put together a few tips for picking your new to you, pre-owned boat

  1. Do your research

When you look over the history of our articles, a lot of them start with a similar set of questions whether it’s on boards, boats or other gear. What do you want a boat for? Are you looking to just cruise around? Are you hoping to tear up the lake? Do you need a monster sound system? Talking to a trusted professional, your “boat guy” friend, and reading up on some of the different options on the market can help you get started in the right direction. Our team of passionate shredders would be happy to share their knowledge. 

  1. Figure out your budget

You can find a great boat within a wide price range. Take a look through our current stock online and you’ll see a ton of different options for pre-owned boats. While some prices might not fit your bill, cruise around and you’ll see a ton of different options. Some of our most popular are our Tige boats. Known for pumping out perfect wakes these boats are no joke. Our pre-owned Tige’s run from $34,997.00 all the way to $167,939 and you can’t tell me all of those boats aren’t sick in their own right. 

  1. The Pre-Inspection

Okay, so you did your research, nailed down the budget, and are now getting serious. You’re showing up on the floors and climbing into some of these boats. How do you remember everything you’re supposed to check? Well, it all kind of depends on if you’re buying it from someone’s driveway or a trusted source with a good track record. If you’re doing the first, check it all, from top to bottom. If it’s the second, you still want to do a thorough job inspecting what you’re considering buying. From the steering to the electronics, to how it runs you want to give it a thorough look. Are there any signs of damager or wear and tear whether on the outside of the boat or the seats your buddies will be riding in? We can’t speak for everyone, but we think we have a reputation to uphold. For the good of the wake sports community, we want to send people away happy with their new boat. e believe in taking care to make sure you know what’s up with your new boat. 


About that reputation, here are some real reviews: 

We helped Matthew find his boat and he had this to say. 

“Wanted to share my experience with Stephen and Jordan at Wake Authority. These guys gave me a VIP experience. We spent a Saturday looking at boats, talking about surfing, and taking me out on the water. These guys surf, know from experience the ideal set ups, and pros and cons of different makes of boats. They are chill and give solid advice, which gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on a 2021 22-Type S ATX. Without a doubt, whether looking at new or used, I would check these guys out.”

Mary needed some service on her Tige and we were glad to help. 

“Amazing business. Brought in our Tige for an oil change and had a wonderful experience. This company really knows their products, how to take care of a customer and great recommendations for general boat/surf use. We will definitely be back to Wake Authority for all of our boating needs.”

Bubba trusted us for some boards and we happily obliged.

“These folks are AWESOME!! Stephen, Aaron and Vanessa have been so helpful. Got 2 boards one for my wife and one for myself. Well the wife said I don’t wanna spend that on a board until she rode it. Then it was pay the man I’m keeping it. The board I got wasn’t right for me so Aaron is meeting at the lake in the morning to give me another one to try. By far I have never met a group of people that wants to help you with customer service and share their knowledge of surfing and boats. I’ll recommend these guys to anyone.”

Ready to start looking for your new boat? Reach out, we’d love to help you along your journey.

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