Storing Your Wakesurf Board During the Offseason

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Being based out of Texas comes with some great perks. For example, lake season can last much longer in the south – sometimes even year-round! Unfortunately, for many of our northern wakesurfing friends, the fall comes around and they either have to find a wetsuit or put up their board until warmer weather. If you are one of the unlucky wakesurf enthusiasts that can’t surf during the winter you are faced with the question: How do you store your board until better days? After all, wakesurf boards aren’t like those summer flip-flops that you throw under the bed in September – they have to be properly stored and cared for even when you aren’t on the lake. 

  1. Get a board bag: You’ve heard us say it before, and you will hear us say it again. Board bags are the first step to protecting your board in transit, to and from the lake. They can also be important to protect your board from harsh temperatures or mildew. Even if you are planning to keep your board in the garage on the offseason, you should still have a board bag around your ride to keep it safe. 
  2. Keep it out of harsh temperatures: In some places, the garage is the perfect place to store your board. Others have temperatures ranging from freezing to hot and humid. If your climate is prone to swing in extreme ways, consider putting your board in a climate-controlled closet in the house. 
  3. Repair dings before storing: As a wakesurfer, you are bound to bang up your board a little every now and then. Before you store your board for the season, make sure you take the time to repair any knicks so that when you pull the board out again you are ready to hit the water! 

Whether you are storing your board for three days or three months, be sure to follow these best practices and keep your board riding smoothly. Check out our board bags today!

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