Taking Care of Your Wakesurf Board

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So, you have finally acquired your first wakesurfing board and you are over the moon excited to get out on the water. Before you get started, it is crucial to know how to care for your wakesurf board properly. Proper care of your board will ensure it performs as it should and lasts for many fun days of wakesurfing.

Wakesurf boards are not cheap, and they are also fragile, which makes caring for them all too important. Follow these simple guidelines for taking care of your wakesurf board so you can have the same great boards for years to come!

Store Your Board Properly

The first and most important step to taking care of your wakesurf board is proper storage when not in use. Storing your board the right way can avoid damage occurring in the first place and will extend its life overall.

Firstly, when your board is not in use, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. This is because UV rays will break down the materials, making the board more brittle and prone to damage. The best way to do this is to keep your board in a padded board bag, which will also prevent dings and scratches when transporting.

When on the boat, be careful with board racks, as not all are designed to fit wakesurf boards. If you plan to use racks, make sure to install ones that are meant for wakesurf boards and never leave boards in a rack while trailing your boat. The force of highway speeds will quickly break your board in half if you leave it in the rack while trailering.

It is also important to never stack boards on top of one another, to take the fins off when stored, and keep boards in your boat’s storage compartments when not in use. All these precautions will ensure you avoid damage to your board as much as you can.

Treat Your Board with Care

Although it may be obvious, you should always treat your board with care. If you become lazy or careless when transporting, storing, or using your board, it is just a matter of time before it gets damaged to the point where it will have to be replaced.

Caring for your wakesurf board also includes waxing when needed (unless you use traction pads) and rinsing it to remove dirt and debris after each use. In addition, generally being careful when transporting to avoid dropping or scratching your board will go a long way.

Fix Dings and Scratches Immediately

Even if you are super careful and do everything right, dings and scratches are bound to happen sooner or later. When damage happens to your board, it is important to fix it as soon as possible to keep the problem from getting worse.

A simple two-step marine epoxy can be used to repair damage on most boards. After sanding it smooth and adding some paint, your board will look and perform just like new.


With proper care and attention, as well as some common sense, taking care of your wakesurf board is astonishingly simple and will help your board last many years of use.

Be sure to store your board the right way, be careful when using it, and make repairs as soon as they happen so you can keep your board working how it’s supposed to!

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