What Type of Wakesurf Board Should I Buy?

How to choose your wakesurf board

Whether it’s your first board or another option in your riding quiver, buying a new wakesurf board can be a system overload of options and styles. Here at Wake Authority, we’re trying to take some of the guesswork out of your choice. We’ll break down the boards so you can get out and start shredding. 

How do you like to ride?

When looking at new gear, start with thinking about what you want out of it. Do you want something you can just get out on the water with or are you are looking to shred the lip, air it out and show some fin? Now, it’s completely realistic to find versatile boards that fit both, the lines for what boards can do were made to be crossed especially when paired with experienced riders. But some might be better suited depending on your riding style and capabilities. Let’s take a look at some board styles to start. 

Board Styles, The Big 3: 


This board style is super friendly for beginners looking to get out and get up for the first time. Don’t blink though, while this is a beginner friendly board style, paired with an advanced rider you’ll be amazed at what these boards can do. Riders of all levels love a surf style board for their buoyancy, manageability and speed. 


The Surf Couch 5’4″ (2021 Edition)



Best suited for intermediate and advanced trick riders, skim boards are the graduated shredder’s dream. Air it out, show some fin and get your spin on. Skim boards are usually going to be thinner, less buoyant than surf style boards, and super maneuverable. These were built to slash wakes and shred. 


The Tamarindo 54″ | 58″ (2021 Edition)



These boards are for the riders who want the best of both worlds. The speed of a surf board mixed with the maneuverability of a skim board can make for a solid day where each rip can really be unique. These boards have understandably gained in popularity as people love the utility of one board capable of scratchin’ either itch. 


The Halfie Pro 4’8”

Halfie Pro

Let’s talk about fins baby:

Five fins or finless? It’s a tough call but just like board style, it comes back to asking yourself, what do I want out of my board? How do I like to ride? The beauty of wakesurfing is the experience is highly customizable. The length of fins, the amount of fins, it all helps tailor the experience whether you love to ride for speed or like to air out on the wake, whether you want a ton of control or you’re good keeping it loose. Our pros would love to help answer any questions you have on fins and what might suit your style. 


Wakesurf boards come in a variety of shapes and it can be easy to be drawn toward one shape versus another based solely on visual appeal. However, the shape of a wakesurf board correlates to the kind of wake you intend to ride. Are you ripping a big wake behind your boat or is your boat kickin’ up something a little more modest? 

Riding this lesson into the sunset

We’ve got a board for anyone and everyone. We’ve got a team who’s passionate about wakesurfing and wants you to have the best experience on the wake. Whether you’re brand new or just looking for the next arrow for the quiver, reach out. We love talking with other riders and sharing our best tips and tricks. Check out the boards on our online store for more information about what we are carrying specifically and where each board excels. Happy shredding! 

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