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Why The Wakesurfing Community Is The Best

The only thing missing from the wakesurf community is you.

Do you know the feeling of settling in for a road trip, after loading up the car with your buddies? That’s what it’s like when your foot hits the pier and you’re striding toward the boat for a day on the water. You can almost feel the energy, know there is no limit to what a day with friends on the water can be.

We grow together.

We’ve all had to learn to wakesurf at some point. So whether you’re new here or have been around a while, the best part of our community is we are all continuing to grow together. We are all stoked for you and glad you’re here. The canvas is blank when you start wakesurfing, each rider bringing their own style and flair to the wake. The opportunity to learn from each other, be pushed by each other, and have fun together, that’s what keeps us together.

Wakesurf Community

Something for everyone.

Whether you’re just trying to get up for the first time or you’re looking to spin and shred the wake competitively, there’s something for everyone here. When you’re on a lake in that warm summer sun, good vibes abound. The memories made in the back of the boat watching your friends rip will last a lifetime. That’s not where it ends though, a day wakesurfing can evolve right beside you and be something you do for life. Load up the family, teach em’ young and share the stoke with your next generation. Wakesurfing is super kid and family-friendly and you’ll look back and cherish those days you had beside your squad.

Wakesurf Community

Getting involved.

The wakesurf community is growing and the application is simple, suit up. With local lake clubs forming and networks evolving it shouldn’t be hard to find some buddies to ride with. If your local lake doesn’t have it going yet, there’s no better time to start it. If you need a boat, check out our stock of new and preowned boats online here or come see us in person at our showroom. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for year-round stoke straight to your newsfeed to get you through the colder months.

It’s what you make it.

Like a lake, before the first boat sets out for the day, this community is changed by each person who enters it. We go and grow together. Whether you like riding to some tunes or just the hum of the motor, whether you want to ride all day or just for a couple of hours. The options are endless for what your wakesurf journey can be. The inspiration and creativity that can come out on the wake is something we all can appreciate. The only thing missing at this point is you.


Get in touch.

We love wakesurfing if you couldn’t tell. We just want to see the community and bonds within it grow. If there is anything we can do to help you along your journey, reach out here. Our staff lives for the days on the lake together and we just want to see you feel that same energy from sunrise to sunset. Reach out and say hello. We can’t wait to see what you do in the wake.


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