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Off the Water

Ways to Prepare for Summer

Summer is about a month away, but, who’s keeping track? We’ll admit it, we are stoked! There are lots of things that we are looking forward to but no doubt spending more time on the lake tops the list. If you are also planning to spend more time on the lake this summer you should follow our lead and take these steps to prepare for summer.
1) Buy Sunscreen: We don’t know which lakes we will visit or when but we do know one this: there will be sun. And we couldn’t be happier about that! As long as you are making sure to soak in the sun – not burn or harm your skin.
2) Stock Up on “Lake-Day Essentials”: If you are as excited about hitting the lake as we are you might be tempted to leave without anything but your board. We get it! But take a beat and pack for the days ahead. Snacks, lifejackets, music, all of these are essential to a successful outing – don’t leave them behind.
3) Clean Your Boat: With the weather warming up earlier in the year it is likely that you, as we have, have already busted out the boat for the season and knocked off the cobwebs. If you haven’t, take care of this now! Clean off the boat, restock and refuel so that you are ready to go as soon as possible.
4) Clean and maintain your board: There are important things to know about how to care for your wake surf board and hopefully, you haven’t neglected these tips! Now is great time to take stock of your board and see if there are any knicks that should be repaired before you hit the lake.
Summer will be here sooner than you think, now is the time to prepare for it! See you on the lake, friends!

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