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What is a Surf Style (Wakesurf) Board?

A lot of credit needs to be given to the original wave surfers. These guys and gals were
trailblazers of water sports. Everything from the design of the boards to the culture that is
embodied in water sports comes from them.

The world has changed since those first wave riders and today, you get a chance to do
what the first surfers only dreamt of. Ride an endless wave. I can picture their conversations

“Hey Bro. Can you imagine… what if we could find a wave… that you could ride…. forever…?”

This dream came true with the invention of wakesurfing! You get the amazing ride of wave surfing with no time limits. No beach to run into or breaks to manage. Only you and the wave. Plus, you get to show off to all your friends and family in the boat ahead of you!

Now you may think that because you are behind a boat, you are wakeboarding. You would be mistaken! Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are totally different. There are lots of great resources that can break down the differences between wakeboarding and wakesurfing if that’s what you are looking for.

If you have already decided that wakesurfing is the way that you are going to ride, all you need to know is some basics about why the boards are the way they are. Believe it or not, knowing how and why they do what they do can help in the learning process.

Most wakesurfers ask themselves the same questions when it comes to wakesurf boards.

Why are surf style boards shaped the way they are?

The wake behind a boat is a specific type of wake that calls for a specific type of board. Surf style boards maximize their design to deliver a smooth and clean ride. Surf style boards are the most popular with beginners for a reason… they are easier to ride!

It all really comes down to the volume of the board. You need to make sure you choose the right volume for your height and weight. This comes down to a few things.

Length. These boards are typically longer than other types of wakesurf boards. This makes your front-back weight distribution easier to manage.

Width. They are often wider as well. Being longer and wider makes it easier to catch and hold a wave.

Weight. The wider and longer the board, the heavier it will be. A board that’s too heavy will be a workout to ride and one that’s too light will have you doing more swimming than surfing. Make sure to choose wisely!

What’s up with the fins?

The fins on any board are all about stability. They act like a rudder that you can control by adjusting your weight while surfing. Surf style boards have the most and the biggest of the fins that you will find on any wakesurf board.

Often you will see anywhere from 3 to 5 relatively large fins on a surf style board. They are larger in size to help you from “slipping” out on the wave. Have you ever seen someone slip out on a Slip’N Slide and have their feet fly up in the air? That’s what can happen when wakesurfing and large fins help prevent that.

Different fin layouts offer different levels of ease surf experiences. They help with steering and stability and they look pretty sweet.

How can I make sure I am getting quality boards?

Make sure to find a shop and site that cares more about you as a unique rider than just squeezing every possible penny out of you. Do they actually ride their boards? Do they provide helpful tips and content? Can they help you choose the right gear and give you advice?

Wake Authority is the only place you need to look to find what you need when it comes to getting the right gear. Reach out today to pick up the right board or to ask the questions you need answered to get set up.

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