Why Riding Behind an Inboard Motor is Important for Wakesurfing

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If you’ve been on a busy lake, you’ve without a doubt envied the people wakesurfing behind cool-looking boats, playing music, and having a good time. Maybe you’ve even tried wakesurfing yourself and can’t get enough.

Before you take a deep dive into wakesurfing and dedicating more time to the sport yourself, there are a few things you should know about the kind of boat you’ll need to wakesurf.

Let’s go over why it’s important to ride behind an inboard motor as opposed to an outboard motor for wakesurfing.

It’s the Safest Way to Wakesurf

If you’re interested in wakesurfing, the #1 thing you should understand is it must be done from a boat with an inboard motor (NOT an outboard motor) to wakesurf safely.

Inboard motors are housed inside the hull, and most importantly the propellor is safely tucked underneath the boat. When a surfer falls off their board as is inevitable with wakesurfing, there’s no risk of being hurt by the propellor with an inboard motor.

If you were to attempt to wakesurf behind a boat with an outboard motor, you’d be risking injury by the exposed propellor, which could lead to a life-threatening situation. You’ll also be directly behind the exhaust of an outboard inhaling harmful engine fumes. With the inherent dangers of wakesurfing behind an outboard motor, it’s simply a recipe for disaster!

The Tow Line Won’t Get Caught

Another reason why it’s important to ride behind an inboard motor for wakesurfing is that you won’t have to worry about the tow line getting caught and tangling up the propellor.

As we just mentioned, with an inboard motor the propeller is tucked safely underneath the boat, so there’s no risk of lines getting caught. With an outboard motor, it would certainly be an issue.

If a line gets caught in a propeller, it can cause serious and expensive mechanical damage. You can avoid this risk altogether by utilizing an inboard motor for wakesurfing.

Inboard Motors Create a Reliable Surf Wake

Last but not least, riding behind an inboard motor is important for wakesurfing because they make the best wakes necessary for surfing.

With a lower center of gravity and the propellor lower in the water, inboard motors push water up and out, creating those wakes we all know and love. The best and safestwakesurfing just isn’t possible without the wake from an inboard motor.

Today’s top-of-the-line wakesurfing boats also distribute weight through ballasts and use things like trim tabs to create the perfect wake, but an inboard motor is an essential prerequisite.


Wakesurfing is an exhilarating water activity, but without the right boat, you’ll have a difficult time making the best wake and worse, exposing yourself to an unsafe situation.

If you plan to wakesurf, make sure you do so behind a boat with an inboard motor so you can be as safe as possible and enjoy your time on the water. Check out our available boats today!

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