Wakesurfer with a life jacket on smiling and squinting in the sun.

Why Wakesurfing is the Best Watersport

This may seem like a biased opinion but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true; wake surfing is the best watersport! Not only is this sport easy to pick up, but it’s also safe and fun for the whole family. Still don’t believe us? Well, here are 3 reasons that wakesurfing is the superior watersport. 

  1. Safety: as we mentioned, wakesurfing is a very safe alternative to other watersports. Wakeboarding, for example, can travel up to 22 mph (For adults) while wakesurfing keeps a friendly pace at 10 mph. Even when you take a dive the risk of injury is much smaller due to the slower pace. That being said, always make sure to take safety precautions. 
  2. Exercise: While all watersports will get your heart rate up and work your muscles, wakesurfing is definitely the best workout (in our opinion). Shredding the waves or just staying verticle on your board requires you to engage your core. A strong base starts with the legs – so don’t be surprised if you are a little sore in the legs too! 
  3. Casual and Competitive: When there are lots of great activities on the lake to choose from you can find yourself choosing between casual or competitive. With wakesurfing you don’t have to! Newbies and veterans will enjoy the time on the water – there is something for everyone!

Are you convinced and ready to hit the water? If not, we suggested hitting the water anyway – you’ll be hooked in no time! 

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